SCHKT is a professional association of enteprises and individuals active in refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump industry. Association was established in 1990, nowadays it has more than 700 members. 

Association activity

SCHKT´s goal is to represent its members on issues of technical and legislative kind, provide its members technical and commerce help, inform members on news in RACHP industry, support RACHP education activities, schools and other institutions and provide neccessary professional training and certification to its members and public.

Education and training

SCHKT Training centre provides proffessional education and workshops in the Czech Republic, focused on educating adult population in the field of refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps. We offer following courses:

  • F-gas and ODP certification training and exams
  • Certification courses for MAC mechanics
  • Cetification according to EN 13 313 – RACHP mechanic
  • Basics of refrigeration and air-conditioning
  • Training on alternative refrigerants (flamables, CO2, NH3)

Information activity

  • Zpravodaj SCHKT: association publishes monthly magazine „Zpravodaj SCHKT“ (48 pages, issue 1100 pieces), which brings actual technical articles from both Czech and international authors and provides space for good quality advertisement for reasonable price.
  • RACHP list of companies: SCHKT issues yearly list of companies in RACHP business in the Czech Republic. Catalogue is available in paper or online on
  • Educational publications: for training purposes SCHKT publishes educational publications and textbooks. 

SCHKT is a member of:

Czech Chamber of Commerce 


AREA European Air conditioning and Refrigeration Association